In loving memory of Carol Shoen
Laura, Sevki, Roger, Jale, Azade,
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A Brief Primer on International Project Finance and our services Historically, infrastructure projects have been public works funded by public funds,...
Private Asset Management
Addressing the complexity of wealth in today’s markets requires professional guidance, a disciplined process, and access to an extensive set of products and services. Can-Am Investment Group can provide direction in implementing not only traditional investment solutions but also more sophisticated investment alternatives.
Can Am International L.L.C., through it’s affiliates and consortium members around the world, is involved in oil and gas exploration and production, engineering procurement, and the construction of power plants and refineries and other forms of infrastructure. Our engineers and construction experts have experience in both the public and private sectors and are available to work on jobs of any magnitude around the

The company’s engineering procurement specialists have direct access to products from manufactures worldwide. We are able to secure exploration, drilling, mining and agricultural machinery, off-shore vessels, low-cost pre-fabricated housing, and even aircraft at the best possible pricing for our clients. Can Am International has experience in the Pacific Rim, Central America, the Middle East, the Caribbean, South America and Europe.